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Organic agriculture a stone's throw from home

The Prati al sole farm was born in 2014, with the dream of locally producing wine, foodstuffs and other agricultural products of high nutritional quality and delicious taste.


We have been certified organic since 2017 for the entire surface we manage and, both in the fields and in the vineyard, we apply the methods of biodynamic agriculture.

Environmental sustainability, the enhancement of the territory, the seasonality of the products and the desire to create a network to free us from the large-scale distribution schemes are some of the principles that outline our work.


Seasonal vegetables


In our retail market, you can find always fresh seasonal vegetables and an assortment of crops that grows every week. In addition, you can choose a subscription called CSA: Community Supported Agriculture, which consists of a weekly supply of a basket of mixed vegetables. We also supply local restaurants and shops, attentive to quality and local raw materials.



The natural wine


In our vineyard we grow many varieties of black grapes of Lambrusco and Marzemino, and white grapes such as Malvasia and, above all, Spergola, the local grape of Scandiano. The wine production makes use of a natural method, without sulphites and with refermentation in  bottle, We thus obtain:


LAMBRO, our sparkling red wine, e

GOLA, our sparkling white wine.





We grow a few hectares of soft wheat and durum wheat and we have chosen a mix of ancient grains. These ancient varieties have been studied a lot in recent years, as a response to health problems, which are now widespread, and caused by a diet based on industrial food, because these varieties contribute to recovering the genetic properties and nutritional qualities of wheat. We thus produce:

the soft wheat flour, wholemeal and type 1,



Processed vegetables and honey


With the organic vegetables from our garden, we create some delicious sauces that vary depending on the seasonal produce. Currently available are: Catalogna chicory sauce and Spicy zucchini sauce.

From the care of our bees, we obtain a small production of wildflower honey, originating from the wild blooms in the surroundings and naturally crafted.

In keeping with family tradition, we also offer a special jam, the extra confiture of Termarina grapes. This jam is meticulously prepared by hand-stripping the small berries of this particular grape, known for its small size and sweetness. It is used in the classic Reggiano tart and pairs exceptionally well with aged cheeses.


The farm

Over time, we have built:

  • Our vineyard, spanning approximately two hectares, dedicated to various local grape varieties and nurtured from its inception with pruning techniques that safeguard the health and longevity of the vines.

  • Our organic vegetable garden, covering about one hectare, where we cultivate numerous vegetables using agronomic practices aimed at increasing soil fertility and the population of beneficial microorganisms.

  • Our wheat fields, planted with ancient varieties of soft wheat, with the intention of playing our part in the effort to restore the digestibility and organoleptic qualities of wheat, which has now become of fundamental importance.

  • Our free-range laying hens, which roam freely in the resting sections of the garden and feed solely on the scraps from our vegetables and organic cereals, providing us with eggs of exceptional taste.

  • Our families of bees, the guardians of the delicate balance upon which this rich microenvironment, now the heart of the company, relies.

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