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Our wines

We take care of the vineyard according to the organic regulations and we apply the principles of biodynamic agriculture. Our grapes, black and white, are typical of our territory. We produce natural wines, re-fermented in the bottle and without sulphites added, just spontaneous fermentation with native yeasts and at least 24 hours of skin contact, no fining nor filtration, to preserve the natural expression of the grapes of our land to the maximum.

From the Barghi, Maestri, Grasparossa Lambrusco and Marzemino grapes we obtain Lambro, our organic sparkling red wine;

From Spergola and Malvasia grapes we obtain Gola, our organic sparkling white wine.

In the 2022 vintage we also presented Tinto, our first experiment venturing into the world of still wines, specifically a still rosè, born from Gola by adding a small percentage of Lambro. We loved the idea of expanding our range with something a bit more unusual for our areal, and basing it on the quality and character of our grapes.

To know the wines in detail, click on the link!

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