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Other products

In our company retail store, you will find:

  • A wide selection of our seasonal vegetables, always produced with strict adherence to the season,

  • Some varieties of seasonal fruits supplied by selected small organic producers,

  • Fresh eggs,

  • Flour from ancient soft wheat, both type 1 and whole grain,

  • Our Lambrusco and Spergola wines,

  • Sauces, honey, and jam,

  • Bouquets of flowers in the summer,

  • Gift packages, with a choice of 2 or 4 jars, and 1 or 2 bottles,

  • Customizable gift vouchers.

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To process our organic raw materials, we collaborate with small companies and artisanal laboratories that, like us, prioritize quality and the local dimension of food production.

  • Our ancient soft wheat is stone-milled by the Ancient Cadonega Mill in Viano (RE).

  • The sauces and jam are prepared by the Happy Mama laboratory in Cavriago (RE).

Our honey is entirely produced by us and is harvested only once a year to preserve the health of our bee families. It is a wildflower honey, with a very small and high-quality production.

Our vegetable sweet and sour sauces - Catalogna Chicory sauce, and Spicy zucchini - are ideal for accompanying meat and cheeses and for preparing tasty bruschettas. The tomato chutney is perfect for enhancing many dishes and enriching hamburgers, characterized by the delicate balance between the sweetness of the ingredients and the strength of the spices. The extra jam of Uva Termarina is made with a typical local grape variety, small, sweet, and seedless, excellent for tarts and cheese tastings. We have dedicated a small part of our vineyard to this grape variety to preserve its long tradition.

Our flours are suitable for all culinary uses, as the mix of grains provides enough strength for good leavening, while their low refinement preserves their nutritional properties.

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