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CSA - Community Supported Agriculture

The CSA subscription is a form of direct collaboration between farmers and inhabitants of the local community. It has a relatively long history, since abroad it has been practiced for many years, especially in America, but also in some European countries. Its strength lies in the fact that the subscribers become an integral part of the farm and they become active protagonists of the food production of their area. They provide economic support to the farmer at the beginning of the year and thus allow him to effectively plan the work of the production season and to obtain a better quality of vegetables. The farmer reports to the community on the progress of his work and the subscriber guarantees himself a healthy, nutritious, good and, above all, local product. The CSA subscription is therefore a very  powerful tool for sharing a path of environmental protection and health protection, as well as an extremely concrete and affordable method for everyone to adopt good daily sustainability practices.


The subscription consists of the weekly supply of a basket of seasonal organic vegetables from our own production, with the guarantee of the best choice week by week, as well as the freshness, the taste and the nutritional value of the products.

Our subscriptions

The CSA subscription for 2023 will start around mid-September and conclude around mid-December.

It will last for 13 weeks.

Depending on your needs, you can choose between two different weekly supplies:

  • The 3 KG Vegetable Basket

  • The 5 KG Vegetable Basket.

Choose the subscription that suits you best and sign up now to ensure you get the best of our produce.



You can find all the details, prices, and instructions for joining, as well as an in-depth overview of CSA and how the weekly basket pickup works, in the link below.

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