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To process our organic raw materials, we cooperate with of small companies and craft workshops, that work in a similar way and try to defend the local dimension of food production and quality.


Our soft and durum wheat is stone-ground by the Old Cadonega mill in Viano (RE) ;


the wholemeal bread, made with soft wheat and durum wheat flour, is prepared by the Forno Stria bakery in Reggio Emilia;


the wholemeal durum wheat artisanal pasta is made by the Shanti workshop in Casina (RE);


all the vegetable sauces are prepared by Il ciliegio workshop in Serramazzoni (MO).

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Our spreadable sauces have been designed for toasted bread, but they are also a tasty starting point to prepare quick and creative sauces for pasta and rice.


The Salsa contadina sauce, the red one with peppers and the green one with chicory, are ideal to accompany the meat and to prepare delicious canapes, but they are suitable for many other uses: they are an excellent condiment for enriching sauces, for filling piadina and for prepare more elaborate sauces, such as guacamole.


Our flours preserve their nutritional properties because they are unrefined and they are suitable for all uses in the kitchen, since the mix of grains gives sufficient strength for a good leavening.


The bread, prepared with mother dough and with high hydration, releases the aromas of the wheat and keeps the yeasts alive and active, so it can be very easy to digest and to be preserved for a long time.

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